Immigrant Defense Oregon

Our Mission





As the first nonprofit in Oregon to put removal defense at the center of its mission, IDO works to prevent the detention and deportation of members of Oregon’s immigrant and refugee community in multiple, interrelated ways:


  • IDO is engaged in community outreach and education to provide individuals and families at risk of removal with actionable education and resources regarding the U.S. immigration system. That outreach prepares community members to effectively respond to ICE enforcement and arrests, and to assert their rights in removal proceedings.


  • IDO pairs that community outreach with individual consultations with immigrant and refugee clients to assess and reduce their risk of removal, or to counsel them on their rights if they are already in proceedings.


  • IDO receives referrals from community partners and legal service providers for cases where individuals are at a heightened risk of removal or who are placed under arrest by ICE as the result of low immigration status or contact with the criminal justice system.


  • IDO advises both attorneys and individuals in understanding the impact of criminal convictions on their immigration status and works with them to avoid any potential negative consequences.


  • IDO has begun taking a limited number of cases for direct representation in deportation proceedings, and we are developing collaborative strategies to expand our capacity for such representation.