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Under Lewis & Clark law professor Aliza Kaplan, the Criminal Justice Reform Clinic offers an opportunity for students to get hands-on legal experience while engaging in a critical examination of and participation in important and complex issues in the criminal justice system.

Third year law students Demi Jacques and Hugo Gonzalez-Venegas

Third year law students Demi Jacques and Hugo Gonzalez-Venegas


Recognizing that the criminal justice system plays a major part in immigration enforcement and case outcome, the CJRC has added an immigration component. New this year, two students involved in the 2017-2018 clinic are working on a variety of immigration case work and issues under the supervision of IDO attorneys. These two clinic students work with our staff attorneys to provide legal access to clients and communities who have had little or no legal guidance regarding the deportation process in the US. Additionally, as part of the Padilla Project, students are learning about the intersection of federal immigration law and Oregon state criminal law to assist in providing advisories and develop "crimmigration" materials and other public resources.